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For about 11 months i’ve had a chronic nasal congestion and could only live with mucous de-swelling spray several times a day. That is gone. The scan has revealed things that only I knew of. Almost instantly, behavioral patterns, some of them from my earliest childhood and teenage years, have disappeared. All that garbage was just deleted from my ming. I thought I’d never be able to start new like this. Simply mind-boggling!

12.10.12 - Client from Germany

My entire constitution, both physically and mentally has improved dramatically.

30.10.12 - Client from Germany

My husband was left partially paralyzed after an accident. – 4 weeks without any progress. On 4 October 2012 we started with the treatment. Already in the 1st Week he was psychologically better, after three weeks, he could get up and take the first steps and move the hand. We hope so much that he will fully recover.

01.11.12 - Client from Rome, Italy

The treatment has changed my daughter’s situation a lot. Physically she is doing much better. She doesn’t require psychotherapy anymore and is able to manage her own life. Especially her relationship with me has become much better and more open. She tells me things that she wouldn’t have discussed with me before.

07.11.12 - Client from Germany

3 months ago I could not stand the pain. Chronic rheumatism, treatment with strong rheumatic agents and painkillers. Now I’m doing sports for endurance, back, stomach, etc. So far, I had to force myself to endure the warm up on the elliptical trainer. I lacked power and motivation. Since about 7 days I have overcome this barrier and can easily run 35 to 40 minutes. I actually have to force myself to stop the warmup cardio in order not to neglect the actual exercises. I have absolutely no pain left in my joints or muscles and love to do sports.

07.11.2012 - Client from Germany

My son is being treated without his knowledge. He is in a mental institution because he hears voices and has behavioral problems. The treatment has silenced the voices and he has become noticeably calmer and takes part in life.

Anonymous - 22.11.2012

My wife has multiple sclerosis and is bedridden. She has now been treated for 3 months without her knowledge. It is notable that she complains less about pain and has started taking an active part in life again.

22.12.2012 - Client from Vienna

My treatment started 2 days ago and I am already feeling better. On Friday I still had kidney pain and diarrhea. The worst pain was in my spine and arms. I lay down in bed and after about 2 hours I felt how all pains left my body. After that the pain didn’t return. On Saturday I felt a little weak, but that was nothing compared to the previous days. I feel like a huge process has started because of the various treatments I am undergoing.

10.12.12 - Client from Black Forest, Germany