• Scan for Business

    Scan for your Business helps in identifying problems …

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  • Scan for Buildings

    Electrical interference, bacterial and fungal contamination, building vibration …

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  • Scan for Plants

    water improvement, improvement of crop, fertilizers, pesticides

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  • Scan for Humans

    The scan provides the basis for diagnosis and treatment …

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  • Scan for Animals

    The scan is available for horses, dogs, cats and birds …

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What do we measure?

We measure behavior shaping fields and fields shaped by experiences through entangled particles.

What are photons?

Photons are light particles. Entangled photons, also known as twin photons, are two light particles that are constantly connected. Their “birth” was carried out by the collision of an electron and a positron. Twin photons have, much like human twins, a very strong connection to each other which is constantly maintained.

What is special about these light particles is that they can stay in contact over any distance, and can share electromagnetic information at any time. They do this by something like a “Morse code”, just that their code is not dot and dash, but horizontal and vertical vibration.

This means that if something is changing in one photon, it changes also in the other.

It is a so-called quantum Non-locality which is related to the repetition of the same pattern throughout the universe, applying in matters large and small, and these timeless patterns interact.

What happens when you scan?

A digital camera is used to take a picture of the subject to be scanned. (Photo of the patient, animal or plant, lake or field house, or ….)

A photograph takes its name from the fact that it absorbs the photon radiation that prevails at the moment of the open lens.

Within the recorded photons are also a certain percentage of entangled twin photons, which are stored by the digital camera in bits.

A special program makes it possible to read the photons (diagnosis) and to pass on new information via the entangled twin photons (Therapy).

Quantum physics thus functions not only for the transfer of information from the scanned object to the recipient, but also vice versa.

The twin photons on the “scanned object” enable a diagnosis of the unconscious and the physical (matter). – Illness, psyche, damage, etc.

From receiver to scanned object the photon therapy enables treatment and influence of coming events.

This means that Illness can be cured, symptoms soothed, houses shielded, lakes cleaned, plant protected from pests… The possibilities are unlimited

Have a look into these videos to understand the fundamentals of quantum physics: