• Scan for Business

    Scan for your Business helps in identifying problems …

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  • Scan for Buildings

    Electrical interference, bacterial and fungal contamination, building vibration …

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  • Scan for Plants

    water improvement, improvement of crop, fertilizers, pesticides

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  • Scan for Humans

    The scan provides the basis for diagnosis and treatment …

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  • Scan for Animals

    The scan is available for horses, dogs, cats and birds …

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Scan for Humans

The scan is the basis for the diagnosis and treatment, and shows the following:


  • Independently Recognizes illness and the respective cause
  • Points out genetic diseases, enzyme diseases Uncovers undetected viruses, bacteria, and fungicides


  • Spots cause and existence of fear, phobia, addiction, obsession, self aggression
  • Points out undetected soul conflicts


  • Recognizes all social influences  such as personal relationships, culture, religion, poverty and loss


  • Finds allergies to food, environmental toxins and pollutants
  • Tracks exposure to electromagnetic fields, supersonic and ultrasound, room climate and all other external influences.


  • Lists your strengths and weaknesses
  • Challenges and threats at your workplace
  • Business opportunities