• Scan for Business

    Scan for your Business helps in identifying problems …

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  • Scan for Buildings

    Electrical interference, bacterial and fungal contamination, building vibration …

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  • Scan for Plants

    water improvement, improvement of crop, fertilizers, pesticides

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  • Scan for Humans

    The scan provides the basis for diagnosis and treatment …

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  • Scan for Animals

    The scan is available for horses, dogs, cats and birds …

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About us

In 1995, we made our first experiences with photons, and we were immediately aware of the immense possibilities the photon scan would bring for diagnosis and therapy.

For us and our patients, the scan of entangled photons is a part of the medicine of the future. – The first truly holistic diagnosis and treatment option.

Since that time thousands of people have been scanned and treated with their own wavelengths. Not even once have we received a negative response and 99% of our customers extend their scan into the second and third month or longer. No one would do that, if he didn’t benefit from it. Many of our clients contact us before upcoming surgery or for support adjuvant to long treatments (chemotherapy, etc.).

Cell memory or pain fixation in the brain are almost absent, the patients recover faster, are in a better mood and don’t suffer from depression.

Since that time, we work day and night, in every spare minute to improve the system and to get even more precise results. We have invested a fortune in this know-how and mobilized all financial resources possible.

We really don’t mind when people at first look at the scan in disbelief.

Some people say that what they can’t see, hear, touch or smell does not exist.

Less than 20 years ago, nobody could believe that it would be possible to send mail via the Internet and today almost everyone works with email, even without understanding exactly how the message reaches the recipient. It is enough for us to know that it works.

No one has ever seen electricity flowing, and yet everyone uses it.

No one has ever seen, touched or smelled love. But whoever has had butterflies in their stomach knows what it feels like.

99% of our customers are satisfied and give us a positive feedback. I think that speaks for itself. To date we have not even advertised our service, and still we are fully employed only by word of mouth recommendation. Good things don’t need to be advertised, they advertise themselves.

Yours sincerely,

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