• Scan for Business

    Scan for your Business helps in identifying problems …

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  • Scan for Buildings

    Electrical interference, bacterial and fungal contamination, building vibration …

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  • Scan for Plants

    water improvement, improvement of crop, fertilizers, pesticides

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  • Scan for Humans

    The scan provides the basis for diagnosis and treatment …

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  • Scan for Animals

    The scan is available for horses, dogs, cats and birds …

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When taking images for the Health and More scan, please makes sure that there are no obstacles between motive and the lens. For humans and animals, the picture should be taken in front of a neutral wall. Please send pictures in JPEG format with the full address of the client as well as telephone number to info@healthandmore.me. If you have any special remarks or want us to concentrate on something specific, then please let us know in writing.

After we have received your pictures we conduct the scan and send you a part of it via email. In the same email you will find the invoice which is due to be paid within 5 working days. Once we receive payment confirmation, the treatment begins. - The cost of the treatment is 300,00 Euro – exclusive of bank and transfer charges. 

Scan for Humans:

Take one portrait image of the face

…and one image of the bare back.

Scan for Animals:

Take one portrait image of the face

…and one image of the full body.

Scan for Plants:

Take one picture up-close

…and one picture from further away.

Scan for Buildings:

Take one picture up-close

…and one picture from further away

Scan for Business

Take a picture of the Company-logo, employees and the building.